Snapshot Station

Business Features


Snapshot Station uses a world-class photo booth platform that allows it's users to take high quality images through an interactive, branded experience that you can control!

custom Branding

First impressions matter right? So, Snapshot Station offers custom branding. With a custom/branded start screen, you are able to make a first impression that lasts. You are able to place logos on the bottom or top of photo strips  & layouts, and create custom overlays and colouring. 

custom messaging

Customize the message that your guests or users receive when they send their photo via text, email or social media. Snapshot Station also provides the ability to create custom hashtags for social sharing.

Data capture &


We know that capturing leads and data is important, thats why we offer data capture to our customers! When users send themselves photos, they are able to opt-in to receive marketing emails from you. Snapshot Station offers a variety of fields for data capture, with a success rate of 85%. Post event we will send a simple spreadsheet to you with the information from the data capture.

Live feed

Snapshot Station provides the ability to live stream photos being taken at the even through our photo booth platform. You are able to choose between our display options to suit your event. 

Social sharing

We are living in a digital world, so lets be honest - social media marketing and brand awareness is so important! Snapshot Station enables its users to share directly via email, text, online galleries, or social media. When users share their photos and GIF's all over the internet, they will have your custom branding, logos, designs, or overlays all over them. That has got to look good for business!

our team will work with you & your business to create a branded photo booth experience that people will remember! feel free to contact us with any ideas or special requests.